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A network of experienced web professionals from Switzerland and Germany, focussing on Interaction Design, Mobile Web, WordPress and some other neat things you might be interested in.

We help agencies to deliver on time, develop websites, web applications for our clients and build products that we love.

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The people

Karin Christen

Karin Christen

«A great product doesn't just look good, it works and feels well.»
Karin Christen is our Interaction Designer setting her focus on the users perspective. She scribbles concepts and turns them into interactive prototypes to build great user experiences. Talk to her at karin@required.ch or see her LinkedIn profile

Silvan Hagen

Silvan Hagen

Silvan Hagen is our WordPress Guy spending more and more time coding the backend, careful not to lose touch with his background in Frontend engineering. He keeps his eyes open for simple yet beautiful solutions. Get a hold on him at silvan@required.ch or stalk his LinkedIn profile.

Stefan Pasch

Stefan Pasch

Stefan «Paschi» Pasch, our Software Engineer a.k.a. the goto Codesmith. Always excited about new technologies, he models and builds the backbone of our products and projects to bring them to life. Get in touch with him at stefan@required.ch or see his LinkedIn profile.

Stefan Velthuys

Stefan Velthuys

Stefan «Velthy» Velthuys is our Designer, but he is no ordinary pixel pusher: He lives and breathes responsive design, always pushing the boundries of the frontends and interfaces he designs and builds. You can reach him at velthy@required.ch or see his LinkedIn profile.

Our products – stuff we built


Invoice like a rockstar! facturandum is the online invoicing service to take the pain out of billing. Don't waste time tracking your time.


Freshjobs is a small niche job platform and the place to find jobs in the Swiss web industry or hire staff to grow.

required+ Foundation

Our rock-solid responsive parent theme for WordPress based on Foundation. Check it out, it's open source.


Put your feeds together! Together with our friends at Nemuk, we built SomSum as a interactive social media curation tool.

Latest Client Projects

SBB Cargo Blog

SBB Cargo - The Swiss company for freight rail informes about transport solutions, networks and services. The SBB Cargo blog needed to be integrated with their corporate design and publishing team.

Visit the SBB Cargo Blog

Katholische Kirche im Kanton Zürich

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Our Partners

We partner up with great people to make the web a better place for everyone. As a partner we work with or for you, build products together or offer some other incredible services. Here are a few we are working with:

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